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addiction-treatment-center.jpgAre you looking for an addiction treatment center, either for yourself or for someone you love? Narconon Arrowhead is Narconon's premier facility, located in Southeastern Oklahoma on 216 acres in Arrowhead State Park. Our center opened in 2000 as one of the largest long term inpatient rehab centers in the world. Our staff is highly trained and educated about drugs and the cycle of addiction so they can help addicts make a full recovery from addiction. Helping someone overcome addiction is our goal here and we want to share our knowledge with as many people as possible.

Narconon's unique model of treatment is considered non-traditional. The methods we use are different from every other program type that is offered today. Finding an addiction treatment center that will help you recover 100% from addiction can be a challenge if you don't know what to look for. Many treatments replace one drug for another which only keep the addict addicted to some substance or another. Our program gets the addict drug-free completely and they walk out the door clean and clear of addiction. When searching for treatment you need to ask yourself, do I want to be free from drugs or am I just looking for an substitute for my addiction? This might sound silly but, it's a valid question. Families are torn apart everyday due to addiction to drugs and alcohol and it's unfair for addiction treatment centers to offer help that they are not really prepared to give.The goal of treatment should be to rid the person from the chains of addiction on all levels.

The environment, or setting you are in while you are going through treatment, is important also. Being in a place where you can relax and concentrate on yourself is a major part of recovery. Feeling comfortable and safe in your surroundings and knowing that those around you are not judging you, but are going through similar difficulties can be quite a relief as well. Therefore it is important to find an addiction treatment center that can offer you a safe stable environment where you can work on your program and your life to make the changes necessary to become fully recovered from your addictions and be a happy productive member of society once again.

The three levels of addiction are physical, mental and emotional so when an addict is going through treatment, the program must address and handle all three for the person to be able to overcome their addiction for good. When an addict can overcome the barriers to his or her addiction physically, mentally, and emotionally, they can then say they are recovered.

Narconon Arrowhead is an addiction treatment center that is dedicated to helping addicts solve their addictions once and for all. We address all the levels or barriers to addiction and our staff works around the clock to help our clients in their greatest time of need. If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol and is in need of addiction treatment. Please contact one of our counselors at 1-800-468-6933.
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