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Many people are confused as to the true meaning of the word addiction. They think that someone with a habit of getting intoxicated is addicted no matter how frequent or infrequent the use. Others are hesitant to admit that they themselves are addicted to a substance even though they are using it every day. There are people who drink on a regular basis on the weekends or at social events, and they can easily stop drinking if they go out of town or change their schedule around. These people would not be considered addicts, because alcohol is not the only main focus in their lives. Addicts would be people who will not plan or start anything without alcohol being the center of it. This is also the case with people addicted to other intoxicating substances. They will not want to even think about doing anything other than getting high. Everything takes a back seat to their addiction. The most apparent of these affects will be the physical ones. People’s eating and sleeping habits will change for the worse. If the addict is kicking a drug, they will not want to eat and depending on which drug they are using they will be sleeping less or more than usual.

Addiction can drive people to do insane things. They will literally lose their minds and think that doing certain things will produce certain results that are not reality. They will do things to people and have no idea why the person would be upset. They will not take care of themselves and think that they are ok. It is especially sad for someone to see their loved one or family member go through this. The addict will be impervious to reasoning. They may be able to say the right things and seem like they understand why they should quit, and then their actions will prove otherwise.

Addiction means that someone cannot or will not stop doing something even when it is harmful to them. They know that it is better for them in the long run to quit, but they are wrapped up in the moment of feeling good, and cannot deny themselves the instant pleasure even if it means suffering in the future. This is a lifestyle. It is not something that is done for brief periods of time or discontinued after a while. The addict lives their lives this way and it lasts for years or even decades.

Addiction ruins so many lives. People are willing to do anything to keep getting high and the suppliers are more than willing to turn a profit off of the suffering of addicts. This is the sad truth about addiction around the world.