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Cocaine Addiction
Are you or someone you love battling cocaine addiction?  If so, you will want to find the best treatment facility possible to help in overcoming this problem.  Though cocaine is not among the most physical of addictions, it is most definitely very tough to beat and the following information should enlighten you as to why and how it is so. Formerly, cocaine addiction has been thought of as only psychologically addictive. This is not the truth. It has been found that drug residuals are left behind in the fatty tissue of the body after 1-5 years of last use. These residuals can be released into the bloodstream at any time and cause the individual to become restimulated and experience a strong craving for the drug. The strong cravings are usually satisfied by using again; the person reverts and may not even know why they did. This is the vicious cycle of addiction.

There are programs that offer help for this but, are not known. Traditionally, one who struggles with cocaine addiction seeks help in various ways. They seek outpatient counseling, maybe a few 30 day programs, most all of them refer them back to a 12 step type program. Sometimes, this will work but, often the individual will not be responsible enough to follow the strict routine required to remain clean this way. They will be asked to attend at the least 90 meetings in 90 days and sometimes they will need to make more than 1 meeting in a single day’s time. They will be asked to diligently work the steps and get a sponsor. This is a rigid schedule and is difficult to adhere to, and many times, the person fails and reverts.

On the other hand, a program that is aware of the residuals causing the reversion and addresses the body.  In order to rid the body of these residuals, a dry heat sauna and rigid supplement routine must be followed closely supervised by a professional. Very few programs offer this and finding one will benefit you immensely. This is the only way I’ve ever found in 35 years to overcome cocaine addiction.  A quality program that rids the body of the residuals in this manner will handle the body first, stopping the cravings for the drug and then tackle the issues of the mind. Though the body may be handled the individual will still the life skills necessary to live sober. Knowing what to ask when talking to various centers will greatly help you in your search.

In overcoming cocaine addiction, one should locate what’s commonly referred to as alternative drug treatment. Using this holistic approach will greatly enrich the individual’s life and they will be eternally grateful.