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Crack Cocaine Addiction
The most important key to conquering crack cocaine addiction is educating yourself about crack cocaine recovery and treatment truths. Find information and learn all you can about the effects and symptoms of crack cocaine substance abuse. To quit smoking crack for good you must understand that not being able to stop smoking crack cocaine is not a disease. The disease concept is one of the biggest myths we must overcome in order to begin a recovery treatment plan and program that will bring you to succeed in your conquering crack cocaine addiction. You may think it is hopeless, but hope anyway. You may think you are losing, but never surrender to crack cocaine again. Believe me you can win this battle. My family is living proof. You can not only win the battle, but together we will win the war! What a sight, an entire army of ex crack addicts and their battle weary loved ones….a blessed people traveling out of the darkness into the light.   You must believe that crack cocaine addiction is not just an addiction. Crack cocaine is an entity. A truly evil entity with a mission to kill the user and destroy all those they love. Scattered within these pages is an arsenal of weapons, tools and armor. Gather them up; they just might make the difference between life and death. Crack cocaine can be conquered! The best way to print any of our website information is to copy and past into a word doc then print the word doc. When doing this we would appreciate you putting our website address within the copied information to pass along our sites to those you give the information to. We have a ton of free information throughout this website. Take advantage of it; use it to get crack out of your life for good. I wrote "I Love a Crack Head" just for the non-user battling crack in ones life with all the information you need to conquer crack and to help the one addicted to crack overcome the biggest monster out there.

The effects of crack cocaine addiction can be felt throughout the family structure. Snorting cocaine has become a thing of the past, though still used. The facts and statistic found about crack cocaine recovery is very disturbing and seems hopeless. A person can quit smoking crack forever with the right program. Behavioral interventions—particularly, cognitive-behavioral therapy—have been shown to be effective for decreasing cocaine use and preventing relapse. Treatment must be tailored to the individual patient’s needs in order to optimize outcomes—this often involves a combination of treatment, social supports, and other services.

Currently, there are no FDA-approved medications for treating crack cocaine addiction; thus, developing a medication to treat cocaine and other forms of addiction remains one of NIDA’s top research priorities. Researchers are seeking to develop medications that help alleviate the severe craving associated with cocaine addiction, as well as medications that counteract cocaine-related relapse triggers, such as stress. Several compounds are currently being investigated for their safety and efficacy, including a vaccine that would sequester cocaine in the bloodstream and prevent it from reaching the brain. Current research suggests that while medications are effective in treating addiction, combining them with a comprehensive behavioral therapy program is the most effective method to reduce drug use in the long term.