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Marijuana Addiction
Drug and alcohol addiction spreads around the world with a devastating speed. It seems like no matter what actions the government takes; it still gets worse with each day. Hundreds of people every day get arrested for drug related crimes. In fact approximately seventy percent of prisoners in state penitentiaries are in for drugs or alcohol. The number one issue in the United States right now is the legalizing of marijuana. By doing that some, people say that it will help the America to get economy back up. It is also used as a medication to fight against cancer. Many believe that marijuana is absolutely harmless to a human body. “It’s not a drug, it’s just a herb.” What people do not realize is that marijuana is the most widely abused drug. The short-term effects of marijuana use include: problems with memory and learning, distorted perception, difficulty in thinking and problem-solving, loss of coordination, increased heart rate, and anxiety and panic attacks. Smoking about five joints a week is equivalent to smoking a whole pack of cigarettes a day which leads to lung and respiratory problems, wheezing, chest colds and bad cough.

Long-term use can increase the chances of tissue damage and lung cancer and also causes changes in the brain similar to those caused by heroin and cocaine. Several studies have linked marijuana with poor school performance. It is harder to concentrate the retain information when a person has been smoking pot. People who frequently use marijuana are almost four times more likely to commit a violent act.

It has been proven that marijuana can lead to the consumption of other stronger illicit drugs. When the effects of marijuana start to wear off, the person may person may turn to stronger drugs to rid himself of the unwanted condition that prompted him to take the drug in the first place. The reason for that is marijuana only masks the problem for a short period of time. When the “high” wears off, the problem returns, more intense. About sixty percent of teenagers in drug treatment programs are there because of marijuana.

Marijuana addiction is a very common situation among the teenagers. Unlike many other illicit drugs, marijuana is not physically addictive. However the psychological aspect of the addiction could be just as bad as any other drug. One of the signs of the addiction is when people start making excuses such as “I can quit any time I wanted to.” Once a person has an addiction to marijuana, it’s hard to quit without any help from a drug and alcohol treatment program.
If you or your loved one has a marijuana addiction, you need to find a drug rehabilitation center that fits you the best.