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Meth Addiction
Methamphetamine is one of the drugs that is having the worst affect on our society today. One of the reasons it is so bad is that it is not just affecting our inner cities. It has hit our middle class neighborhoods the worst. The reason for this is that it is a powerful stimulant that gives its users energy and can keep them up for days and even weeks. People who work in manual labor jobs find this as an advantage because they can work more hours without needing to rest. It also suppresses hunger so that the worker will not even need to take a lunch break or spend any money on food. After functioning like this the user will go into a cycle of meth addiction. Of course this type of life style will catch up to the user. After being up for so long and the drug has worn off, the addict will crash and be completely out of commission for days. When they first start out using meth people will view it as a wonder drug. They can concentrate and feel energized without any sleep or any food. Not only does meth give its users energy, but it releases serotonin in the brain which causes a feeling of euphoria. You can imagine how it feels to be coming down off of meth. The user will be physically and mentally exhausted and they will be depressed. It’s no wonder they will reach for it again and again when they are going back to work or doing whatever they have planned for the day.

Meth is also used by partiers who want the party to never end. They can drink or smoke marijuana without getting tired and they can keep partying for days. For this reason meth has long been used as a club drug. It’s only been within the last few years that it has become so prevalent with working class manual laborers. It is not just young people using the drug for fun anymore. It is adults who have responsibilities and families to take care of. Their jobs will begin to suffer due to the unreliability of the addict, and they will not be able to concentrate without sleep even though they will think they are doing an excellent job.

The children of these types of addicts will suffer the most. Besides the fact that it will be harder for the parent to support their children, the will not be there to support them emotionally either. They will not be stable and they will not be setting a good example. Meth addiction is damaging many lives all over the country and something has to be done.