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Painkiller Addiction
In today’s society, the abuse of prescription drugs is more prevalent than ever.  The generation of today had been referred to as “the Rx generation”.  Doctors work as drug dealers, writing out prescriptions as a desperate way to make money.  Drugs like oxycontin and morphine are being sold as a substitute for heroin.  Millions of people’s lives are being destroyed, as a result of addiction to the narcotic pain relievers. In the past individuals needed drug rehabilitation for street drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, but today, drug rehabs are filled with individuals with a prescription painkiller addiction.  Painkillers are different types of prescription drugs used to many pain, usually containing hydrocodone or other opioid medication. A person prescribed to a painkiller for moderate pain can soon be caught in a web of addiction.     There are many reasons people take painkillers, most of them stemming from some sort of injury, but what may seem like a harmless medication may soon end up being an addiction. Narcotic painkillers are any easy way to manage pain after an accident or injury.  This results in people immediately turning to painkillers for help with any pain. Some people turn to painkillers for help with emotional issues.  Individuals, taking these medications, notice that their emotional problems seem distanced when painkillers are taken.  Like many other opioids, painkiller give the user a euphoric feeling or a since of well being.  By simply just popping a little pill, the user will feel on top of the world, causing all other worries to fade.  Because of this euphoric feeling, painkillers are not only physically addicted but also mentally addictive.  People will use painkillers to nurse anxiety and other mental issues.    

When an individual regularly takes painkillers, they will build up a tolerance to the medication.  They will find that in order to get that euphoric feeling they will need to take higher doses of the drug.  When the doctor’s prescription is not enough, many painkiller users find themselves buying drugs off of the street.  A high tolerance to painkillers is a key sign that someone has an addiction.

When someone has an addiction to painkillers, they will likely put painkillers before many other important things in their life.  Their work ethic will be in disarray, so their job will suffer. Their friends and family will be left devastated, as a result to painkiller addiction.  They will likely spend all of their money on drug use and turn to criminal activity.
Someone taking painkillers to help with pain caused from an accident could unintentionally become an addict. Painkiller addiction has become an epidemic in today’s society.  A person suffering from addiction must seek rehabilitation to prevent further harm to themselves and those around them.  The sooner they get help with their addiction; the sooner they can move on and lead a productive, normal life.