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Alcohol Addiction
alcohol-addiction.gifAlcohol addiction ruins the lives of many families everyday throughout the world. There are 17.6 million people addicted to alcohol in the United States alone. Alcoholism is when a person drinks alcoholic beverages at a level that it interferes with their physical and mental health, social and family life and job responsibilities. The question is how does a person become an alcoholic? Like with any addiction it begins with a problem or some sort of discomfort in the form of physical or emotional pain for the individual. When a person encounters a problem that is causing physical or emotional pain and has no immediate solution or answer on how to solve the problem, they may begin to drink or do drugs. Once they have taken the drugs or alcohol, they feel relief from the discomfort. This relief is only temporary, but it is adopted as a solution to the problem and the person places significant value on the drink or drug. This assigned significance is really the only reason the person ever uses alcohol or drugs a second time, a third time, or more.

Once a person starts down the path of alcohol addiction, they start to accumulate physical and mental dependence and damage and their quality of life, in general, begins to deteriorate. Eventually the person is faced with so many unpleasant experiences due to the drink or drug, that each sober moment is full of misery and despair and the only way the person can escape is by using more alcohol or drugs. For most alcoholics, there are only three possible outcomes: sobriety, prison, or death. The person is trapped in the downward spiral of addiction to alcohol and there he will stay until he himself, or someone else, decides it is time for him to get help for his addiction and makes the choice to get help before it is too late. Normally, it is a family member or close friend that decides the person needs help and they either confront him or reach out for help by contacting a counselor or interventionist who then leads them in the right direction.

Finding a counselor or interventionist to help you in your time of need is fairly easy. Those who are knowledgeable in the field of addiction and treatment can have you and your loved one matched up with the perfect alcohol addiction program in a matter of hours or less. The counselor or interventionist should be knowledgeable about the three barriers of addiction: cravings, depression, and guilt. Getting the addict into a program that addresses these three factors of addiction thoroughly will result in recovery and a former addict becomes a productive member of society.

Narconon Arrowhead Narconon's premier facility located in Oklahoma addresses these barriers of addiction and we are dedicated 100% to helping individuals overcome these barriers to addiction  so that they can be drug and alcohol free for a life time. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol addiction please contact one of our counselors now for a free consultation. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day so call now 1-800-468-6933.
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