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Alcohol And Drug Addiction

alcohol-drug-addiction.jpgThere are 8.3 million children in the United States who are living with a substance abusing parent. Of those children 7.3 million live with a parent who is addicted to alcohol and 2.1 million live with a parent who is addicted to illicit drugs. What is being done to protect these children from following in the same footsteps as their drug and alcohol abusing parents? What is being done to help these parents get the help they need to make a full recovery from their addictions so that they can be good role modules for their children? These two questions are asked everyday.

Children’s lives are ruined everyday in this country due to addiction. Living with an addicted parent puts a child in a position of seeing things that they should not see, it also sets the pace or tone for the child’s life style. What can we as a community do to help these children see that a life of addiction is not the road to follow? Narconon Arrowhead has been delivering drug education lectures to children across the nation since 2001 to educate them on the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse. Educating children about drugs and alcohol at an early age can help them to make smarter decisions in their future because they know the truth.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol does damage, not only to the person who is using, but also the family, friends, and anyone unfortunate enough to be in the surrounding area.  Getting help for parents who are addicted will not only save the parent but it will save the child from a life time of struggling with their parent’s addiction or becoming addicted themselves. If you know someone who needs help with addiction the best thing you can do is confront them and get them in touch with a counselor who can lead them in the right direction. A good counselor who is knowledgeable about addiction and treatment can help place you or your loved one into a drug and alcohol rehab that will ensure full recovery from drug and alcohol for a life time.

Narconon Arrowhead Narconon’s premier facility located in Oklahoma on beautiful Lake Eufaula is one of the largest drug and alcohol rehabs in the world. We are dedicated to helping families overcome addiction so that they can lead happy, healthy, productive lives together and focus on a bright future full of promise and hope. Living a drug free life is much better than the alternative of being trapped in the endless cycle of addiction. Once an addict gets through to the other side and can see clearly, they understand just how great life really is when you are living drug free.

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