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Alternative Alcohol Treatment
When seeking help for an alcoholic, be it yourself or a loved one, you may quickly become overwhelmed by the numerous choices available. Many times, traditional 12 step programs have been unsuccessful and it is time to seek alternative alcohol treatment. Following these simple guidelines will make your search easier and more efficient. First of all, when seeking alternative alcohol treatment, speak to quality centers that C.A. R.F accredited, that is Commission and Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities. This will ensure that you are speaking to a quality center.  Secondly, they will have on staff, licensed or certified counselors to speak to. There are many low cost, state funded or free programs that sound enticing but, usually their budgets do not allow for the quality care necessary. Though their intentions are for the best, unfortunately the money is just not there. Generally speaking, to achieve a high success rate, a longer term program is best, at least 30 – 60 days. These facilities keep one about a week, just long enough to detox them and then refer them to support meetings. The body and the mind are not nearly clear enough to be able to handle the responsibility of this. They fail and relapse. You will find the better quality centers will have a much better success rate. Speaking to certified or licensed counselors will help to put your mind at ease. Their expertise and training should prove helpful. They, usually, are former addicts or alcoholics themselves and will share a bit of their own story, where they came from as opposed to where they are today.

Have information ready to provide these counselors so they can better help you. This should include drug history, drug of choice, approximate length and amount of use. Any other drugs or alcohol frequently used will prove helpful, as well. When seeking alternative alcohol treatment, it will be foremost in your mind, at all times, that this could be a life saving decision. By the time, one seeks such treatment, it usually is a very critical decision.  Another important factor is the age and physical well being of the individual in need of help. Adolescents are treated a bit differently than adults. Physical limitations sometimes inhibit a person’s ability to exercise and take walks, etc. They may need a modified program. At any rate, disclosing this information will aid the counselor in helping you to find the right help for you or your loved one.

In conclusion, when seeking to find alternative alcohol treatment, there are a few basic rules of thumb that will make your search easier and more efficient. First, speak to quality centers and certified or licensed counselors within those facilities. Have information handy to supply them so, they can better help you. This is a critical decision, one that could save a life.