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Long Term Alcohol Treatment
A long term alcohol rehab is ideal for someone who just can’t stop drinking on their own.  Addiction to alcohol is the most common addiction facing our society today.  Someone who is alcoholic can cause a number of problems, not only for themselves, but for the family and friends that surround him or her.  Things like drunk driving can hurt or kill both the driver and anyone else who may be in the car with them.  It also puts everyone who is on the road at risk, as well.  In order to help someone who is truly an alcoholic, one must look into a long term alcohol rehab to help them get sober and to stay sober. Many alcoholics find the help they need through AA.  This program surrounds the individual with a large, nation-wide support group.  AA is a great program, but it doesn’t work for everyone who is fighting alcoholism. Some alcoholics need a more structured environment and a more secluded area to help them get clean.  AA requires the individual to go to meetings on their own and work through the 12 steps with a sponsor.  If the alcoholic isn’t willing to be responsible enough to do this on their own, they may just need a long term facility to help them get back on their feet and living a healthy, sober life.

In many cases in dealing with an alcoholic who wants to get clean, a medical detox must be the first step in their recovery.  When the body is consuming large amounts of alcohol over long periods of time, if it is stopped, the body with go through withdrawal.  Withdrawal symptoms may include delirium tremors, or ‘dt’s.  This is when the body shakes due to the lack of alcohol in it.  In extreme cases, medications are used to help the body get through this phase.  Another symptom may include spikes in blood pressure.  Blood pressure should be monitored regularly when one is coming off of alcohol.

If not treated, alcoholics will face a number of health issues, medical consequences, and even death.   To help prevent any of these things from occurring, help must be found.  To find the best treatment program and facility for you or your loved one, do some research and look into different options.  Look for programs that have the services you are looking for.

Most treatment facilities, especially a long term alcohol rehab, will have a medical staff on hand, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  If you or someone you know if severely alcoholic, you may need this type of facility.  Long term treatments will not only help you or your loved one get sober, it will teach the tools needed to stay sober.