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Drug and alcohol detox can be one of the most excruciating painful and most difficult experiences an individual ever has to go through.  Being physically and psychologically addicted to a substance for any significant amount of time can sometimes seem like it is impossible to overcome.  In many cases, individuals can face fatal consequences if they are not supervised by medical personnel and go through a medical detox.  A person must be tapered off the alcohol or drugs to a safe level so they do not risk life threatening situations or any medical complications.  One of the biggest obstacles to drug and alcohol detox and addiction recovery is fear of the withdrawal process. Many addicts continue to use drugs and alcohol even when they no longer want to, simply to avoid going through alcohol and drug detox and avoid withdrawal symptoms. Some people try to ride out the detoxification process and withdrawal symptoms at home, often suffering through days of discomfort and violent withdrawal, only to go back to abusing drugs and alcohol to relieve the pain.  One way to deter this is to detox at a medical facility and rehabilitation program that is proven, successful and effective in handling addiction and is very knowledgeable in the recovery process.   

Detoxification is the first (and most important) step in rehabilitation from drug or alcohol abuse or addiction. The term detox refers to the detoxification of the residual toxins left in the human body as a result of taking drugs and abusing alcohol. Detoxification from a medical perspective is the process of medically managing the body’s physical and psychological withdrawal from alcohol or drugs to minimize the possible side effects and help prevent potentially harmful consequences. Although detox is a very crucial step in the recovery process, it is only the beginning.  One must be willing to confront and address all aspects of their addiction and what led up to it after they have completed the detox process.   

Detox is the initial step in overcoming drug and alcohol abuse and addiction issues. It is one of the most difficult and most important decisions one can take on.  Many individuals do not make it past this initial step and that is why it is considered one of the toughest.  Many people just can’t get past the painful and tortuous withdrawal period and return almost immediately to using drugs and alcohol to numb and relieve the physical and mental pain.  

The first step is detox, the second rehabilitation and the third transitional living.  All are very important and necessary in the recovery process.  If you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, contact a detox center today.  The beginning to a new drug and alcohol free life awaits you.

Rapid Detox
There has been an on going search for an "instant cure" for alcoholics and addicts that has been going on for many, many years.  There is no "magic pill" or "magic drink" that will cure a person of their addiction to drugs or to alcohol.  There is, however, a new process that is beginning to spread and it is causing a bit of controversy.  This new process is called Rapid Detox.
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