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Detox Centers

With drug and alcohol addiction, the body is filled with accumulated toxins in the addict’s body. Before any other treatment can begin, the body must be detoxified of these toxins. Detoxification can be done at a variety of detox centers around the country.

In some instances, the withdrawal from certain drugs can be dangerous, overwhelming to the individual, and in some cases, fatal, especially in the first few hours or days without the drugs or alcohol. The first step in the process of detoxifying the body is to help the addict with the physical withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, where the withdrawal symptoms are severe, medications prescribed by a doctor and are used and administered under medical supervision. These medications help with any unsafe or painful withdrawal symptoms. For instance, an alcoholic who stops drinking, if the alcoholic is a sever alcoholic, will get ‘the shakes’ when the alcohol is not being put into their system. Or an individual who is coming off of benzos will usually need to be monitored closely by a medical facility, because the withdrawal symptoms may be extremely severe.

At some detox centers, not only are medications used to help the person through the withdrawal period, but counseling sessions along with the medications, provide much help with the individual. This counseling helps the individual to begin addressing the psychological issues that go along with the addiction.

There are usually 3 steps in an extensive drug detoxification. The first step is the medical detox. This step is supervised by a medical practitioner and will over see the physical withdrawal symptoms. This may last several days. The next step is physical detox. Physical health and strength will be needed to help the addict in their recovery, now that the addict’s brain and body are no longer being dependant on the alcohol or drugs. A nutritionist or maybe a physical therapist may be available to help with this process. The third step is the emotional detox. This is where the counseling comes in. Now that the person has their body on the right track, it is time to begin to handle the reasons why one began using and ways to keep the individual from falling back into the cycle of addiction.

There are many detox centers to help any addict out there wanting or needing the help.
There are teen wilderness programs, sober living programs, teen boot camp, and programs for women only, men only and teens only. There are 12 step programs, alternative treatment program, and the list goes on.

Detox centers are designed specifically to help the alcoholic or addict who feels that there is no way out. Detox centers are found throughout the country and even throughout the world.