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Rapid Detox
There has been an on going search for an "instant cure" for alcoholics and addicts that has been going on for many, many years.  There is no "magic pill" or "magic drink" that will cure a person of their addiction to drugs or to alcohol.  There is, however, a new process that is beginning to spread and it is causing a bit of controversy.  This new process is called Rapid Detox.

An addict or an alcoholic will always want "instant gratification" in whatever they are dealing with in life.  This "instant gratification" can come in the form of a pill, a fix or maybe a drink.  Whatever it is, it is a dead end road for the addict or the alcoholic.  There is this process of rapid detox that is drawing in many addicts as they see this as an "instant recovery". They've realized that drugs and alcohol have ruined their lives and they want "instant happiness" and feel that this can be achieved through this rapid detox.

One of these new programs, these "instant recovery" programs is called Rapid Opiate Detoxification, or ROD, for short. This detoxification program is spreading throughout many countries and is making promises of to cure the addict instantly.  The question arises: "is this 'instant cure' safe or misleading at all"?

The answer is that it is proving to be misleading and dangerous.  Some doctors are saying that this rapid detox can cause severe stress on an addicts body that is already been ravaged by the drug abuse.  The way that a typical ROD works is this: a patient is sedated and then will undergo a procedure that is sped up to block the opiate receptors in the brain from any opiates.  Also while the patient is sedated, other medications are given to them to accelerate the physical reactions to the withdrawal, all done while the patient is unconscious.

This all sounds like the cure of all cures for an addict and for the doctors who treat addicts.  But there is a big down side to all of this.  There have been a few cases where the person has died within days of the procedure. The reason for these deaths is that the patient had and undetected heart problem or did cocaine that triggered a heart attack.  Again, a big problem is that the addict's body is so weak and ravaged, that the stress put on it is too much.
The procedure takes about 4 to 6 hours or 12 to 48 hours, depending on what the exact drug is or how it is used by the addict.  The patient is supposed to wake up and not long be physically addicted to the drug and have no conscience or awareness of the withdrawal experience.  The optimistic out look with this procedure seems to come from those that are making money from the procedure.  That's a problem, for sure.

So, it looks like this Rapid Detox isn't everything it looks to be.  So, if you choose to go through with it, remember that, there really isn’t a ‘magic solution’ for addiction and do lots of research before making any quick decisions.