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Drug Abuse
Drug abuse and addiction is a preventable disorder and condition.  Results from studies and research have shown that prevention programs that involve and educate families, schools, communities and the media are effective and successful in reducing drug abuse.  Although many events, circumstances and cultural factors affect drug abuse trends, when people view drug abuse as harmful, they reduce their drug taking.  It is imperative, therefore, to help the general public to understand the risks of drug abuse and addiction and for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals to continue sending the message that drug addiction can be prevented if a person never begins abusing drugs.  

Unfortunately, this country has become sedated and prescription drug abuse has not only escalated in the last few years, but become accepted as the American way of life.  Every time you turn on the television there is a new commercial advertising a new drug that will help you with the problem of the day.  There are drugs to help you stay awake if you are too tired, drugs to help you sleep if you have insomnia or are having trouble sleeping, drugs for depression if you are sad, a drug to help you lose weight if you are over weight and the list goes on.  All of these drugs usually have terrible possible side effects such as sudden heart attacks or even death that we tend to ignore.  There is a drug for every possible condition you “may have” and the American public is buying into it.  Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing of these drugs promising help and yet all we have to show for it is a sick and sedated nation compiling more problems than ever.  Drug abuse and addiction rates have soared and the general public is worse off than ever.  My question is how did all of our ancestors manage to survive and live long, happy and productive lives without the use of all these drugs?  Surely the rate of suicide from depression must have been higher back in the day?

The truth is that suicide rates have significantly gone up as has the rate of drug abuse and addiction.  Rehabilitation centers, jails, prisons and institutions have all seen a major rise in the last ten years and the numbers continue to grow.  Pharmaceutical sales have sky rocketed and now major pharmaceutical companies have enough power and influence to control doctors and elected officials.   This is a major concern and huge problem for this country and needs to be addressed.  The only way to resolve this situation is to become more educated and aware.  The American public needs to wake up and realize what is really happening.  It all comes down to control over the American people and a sick and sedated public is much easier to control than a pro active, healthy, free thinking drug free society.  Drug abuse is on the rise and the people we elect, trust with our health and make the decisions that affect us are promoting it.  Take a stance on drug abuse and become educated and more aware of what is really happening to this nation.

Drug Abuse
Drug abuse affects millions of Americans every year. It tears families apart and ruins lives. When people are on drugs so many things are affected adversely for them and around them. Eventually every part of their lives will begin to suffer and it will become apparent that they have lost control of themselves and their environment.