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Drug Abuse
Drug abuse affects millions of Americans every year. It tears families apart and ruins lives. When people are on drugs so many things are affected adversely for them and around them. Eventually every part of their lives will begin to suffer and it will become apparent that they have lost control of themselves and their environment. If they have jobs, their work will begin to suffer if they do not get fired. If they have kids, the children will be neglected if not abused. Their relationships will begin to fall apart and they will get new friends who are undesirable.

Their actions will become more and more erratic. They will be very defensive about their drug or alcohol habit and will begin to fight and argue with people that care about them and are trying to help them see why they should stop. They will no doubt begin to run out of money, and their morals will drop drastically in order to supply their habit. Someone who may never have considered breaking the law will begin to think about things that they can steal all day long. They will come up with as many schemes as possible to get money or get valuables that they can pawn or trade for drugs.

Many females and even males will chose to sell their bodies. A prostitute on the street can make up to one thousand dollars a day. This is more than enough money to feed their habit, and they could never make that much money holding down a regular job while supporting a drug habit. This lifestyle is very dangerous for obvious reasons. The prostitutes have no idea who the people are that they are having sex with most of the time. The people could be very dangerous and this puts the prostitute’s life in danger.

For this reason the prostitute needs a pimp who can protect them and controls the area where they walk the streets so that they have a better chance at being safe and don’t have to worry about competition on their block. These pimps can be very abusive and will keep the prostitutes strung out on drugs so that they have to keep selling their bodies. The prostitutes will be at risk of catching diseases and going to jail at any time. Almost every street prostitute is addicted to drugs and lives this type of lifestyle.

This is what drug abuse does to people and many addicts in this situation had promising lives before they became addicted to drugs. Nobody wants their family member going through this and doing this to themselves, and many people thought it would never happen to them but it surely did.