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The Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab program offers many drug rehab services that make your stay at our facility comfortable and provides an environment conducive to recovery.

The Narconon program consists of 8 courses of treatment that when combined achieve full physical detoxification, self-realized root causes of the individual's addiction and a reformed ability to identify and solve problems and change unwanted conditions for the better his/her life. The Narconon Program is one of the pioneering programs of "manualized treatment." The treatment method addresses the 3 Barriers to Successful Recovery physical cravings, lingering depression and/or guilt from past misconduct connected to drug or alcohol addiction.

The first barrier for any addict wishing to kick his addiction is overcoming the mental and physical cravings for drugs or alcohol. Cravings are strong, uncontrollable urges to use drugs or alcohol that drive the addict to once again use addictive substances. Narconon Arrowhead handles these cravings with three actions: a completely drug-free withdrawl from drugs that dries the person out and makes them start feeling better physically. The Therapeutic Training Routines that brings the addicts more into present time and out of past problems and upsets and the New Life Detoxification Program removes the drug residues that trigger reminders of doing drugs or alcohol.

Depression is another factor that keeps an addict harnessed in his addiction. Depression is the source of a constant and significant amount of discomfort that prompts continued drug use. It is also the second major barrier to recovery for those seeking treatment for their addictions. The remaining depression is dealt with by completing the Communications and Perception Course and the Ups and Downs in Life Course which puts the person more in control of their life, teaches them how to have positive, pro-survival relationships and stops them from creating new and more addiction related problems in their life. All of this raises the person’s morale which significantly decreases, or eliminates all together, the depression that follows after a person stops using drugs or alcohol.

The third and final barrier to recovery is guilt. Guilt acts as another strap in the harness that keeps the addict trapped in his addiction. The addict feels guilty because he has committed dishonest deeds against the people he cares about. This is an integral part of the life cycle of addiction. This barrier, guilt, is addressed through the Personal Values and Integrity Course, the Changing Condintions in Life Course, and the Way to Happiness Course.

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1 Therapeutic Training Routines
2 The New Life Detoxification Program
3 Communication and Perception Course
4 Ups and Downs in Life Course
5 Personal Values and Integrity Course
6 Changing Conditions in Life Course
7 The Way To Happiness Course