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The Way To Happiness Course
This is the final in the Narconon rehabilitation program. The course is delivered in a class room setting and supervised by a person trained in the Narconon program technology. This course teaches individuals 21 precepts that cover a common sense moral code of conduct that when followed will help them become productive contributing members of society by living an ethical life style.

At this point the entire Narconon rehabilitation line up is complete. There is a final review step which consists of counseling that helps each graduate of the program design their individual plan of action that addresses the situations that may still exist in the person's home environment. In addition goals are set in the areas of family, work, relationships and any other situations unique to the individual along with a specific plan of actions that will be taken to achieve these goals.

When individuals complete the entire Narconon program they have a written plan of action of which a copy is kept on file at the Narconon center. Each graduate of the program is contacted after they are released and the progress on the individual plans are assessed. Additionally if a graduate runs into problems that are distracting them from their plan a Narconon staff member will help them to resolve this or to improve the plan so progress in accomplishing these set goals is achieved.