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Almost everyone in today's society is affected by drug addiction.  Whether it be a close loved one or a distant friend, most everyone knows someone with a drug or alcohol addiction.  Addiction destroys the lives of the abuser and tears apart families.  Drug addiction is the dependence on a substance, where the addict has a compulsive and uncontrollable need to obtain and use the drug.  They will continue abusing the substance despite the negative effects the drug is causing on the individual's body and life.  A drug addict's entire life will be falling down around them, yet they will continue using drugs. For an addict, drug rehab is almost certainly the only way they can return to a normal and productive lifestyle, without the dependency of drugs or alcohol.

Drug rehab is the process of treatment for dependence on psychoactive substances such as heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, and many other street drugs which have some sort of addictive quality.  The general goal of any drug rehab is to get the addict to cease substance abuse, allowing them to be released from the strong grip of addiction.  While getting a person to stop abuse drugs can be an extremely difficult task, the process is necessary to prevent any future consequences associate with drug addiction.   

An effective rehab should address not only the physical dependence to the drug, but also the psychological dependence.  The recovering addict will need tool to handle any issues that may arise in their new lifestyle. Effective rehabs will teach the individual new ways to interact in society, so they can more easily maintain a sober lifestyle. Recovering addicts will need a chance to reflect on their past behaviors and habits, so they can see what they will need to change to promote a drug-free environment.  The underlying problems of the addiction must be found, so the individual does not return to the destructive life style of addiction.

The best option for a drug rehab is a long-term program that handles the full extent of the addiction.  A holistic rehab will give an individual physical and mental relief, handling the problems that may surround the drug addiction.  A holistic rehab program usually has a higher success rate than a traditional 12 step program.  Another effective method that some holistic rehab programs integrate is a detoxification program.  When the body is exposed to prolonged use of drugs and alcohol, toxins will build up in the fatty tissues.  If they are not removed, these drug toxins will cause craving long after the addict finishes rehab.  With a sauna detox, the toxins are removed from the body preventing any future cravings.

Choosing the most effective rehab may be the most important decision an addict ever makes.  There are various types of drug rehabilitation programs, but finding a drug rehab that handles every aspect of the drug addiction, may be the difference between prolonged sobriety and relapse.