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Drug Treatments
Drug addiction can take a painful grip on an individual, ripping apart families and destroying lives.  While drug use may seem like a casual way to have fun, it can rapidly turn into a full blown addiction.  Millions of people suffer from drug addiction, leading miserable, hopeless In order to live a normal and productive life, a drug addict must seek treatment.  When choosing a drug treatment facility, an addict should find one most applicable and fitting to their needs, and one that takes on the full extent of their addiction.  Choosing the correct rehabilitation center could be the most important decision a drug addict has ever made.

The first step of any rehabilitation program is detoxing from the drug.  Depending on the type of drug and the severity of the drug addiction, an addict may or may not need a medically supervised detoxification center.  These centers are only temporary and are designed to give the addict a safe, painless withdrawal with the aid of drugs.  In some cases, medical detox is necessary for the safety of the addict coming off of drugs, but in most cases an individual can go through detox without the need of any medications.  When using medications to wing an addict off of their drug of choice, a person may become dependent on a new medication, so unless necessary, a drug free withdraw is the preferred method.

The Biophysical program is usually the most effective approach.  A biophysical program focuses on the two main components of drug addiction, being mental and physical.  This type of program is usually long term and uses holistic methods, substituting nutritional supplements and vitamins for the medication.  They also incorporate a unique detoxification program where the body is freed of any drugs or toxins, eliminating a majority of drug cravings.  Behavioral treatment is also included, allowing the drug addict to handle the full extent of their drug addiction.  Biophysical programs generally have much higher success rates than other rehab programs.

The twelve step program is a very difficult approach to drug rehabilitation.  The results are largely based on the person’s faith and willpower.  Unlike the biophysical program, the 12 step program does nothing about the physical side to the addiction.  The obstacles a drug addict must overcome are placed solely in the hands of God.  Although this has been seen to be successful, they are not given the tools they need to change their previous ways of life.  

Dual Diagnosis programs are used for addicts suffering from not only a drug addiction problem but also a mental disorder. Large amounts of medications are used in this approach.  This only masks the drug problem, creating a new dependency to a different medication.  This method is not very effective because the addict is still dependent on medication to function normally.  

With all of the various types of drug rehabilitation programs, choosing a drug treatment center can be a difficult decision.  An addict should choose a rehab which handles the full extent of their addiction.   Staying clean off drugs is a difficult task and needs to be taken seriously with adequate treatment.

Holistic Drug Treatment
In today's society, many seeking help for drug or alcohol abuse help, choose to find a holistic drug treatment program.  People are wising up to the fact that drug replacement therapy is just that. It is the replacing of one drug for another. The best drug is no drug at all, but when absolutely necessary.