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The American Heritage Dictionary provides two distinct definitions for the term "drug." First, it is a "chemical substance, especially one prescribed by a medical provider that is used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a condition or disease. The second definition references the street use of substances, "A chemical substance such as a narcotic or a hallucinogen that affects the central nervous system and is used recreationally for perceived desirable effects on personality, perception, or behavior."  The problem these days is that doctors are very loosely defining and categorizing conditions and diseases and taking advantage of the gullible American public.

It is, unfortunately, common for people to confuse various terms – a drug, medicine, prescription, over the counter medication, anti-depressants and sleep aids thinking that some words inherently mean a substance is safe. These misconceptions are knowingly played up by marketing campaigns and heavily promoted on television as "safe medicines and cures" to everyday "problems."  Pharmaceutical companies and doctors have teamed up to market and promote to the American people cures for everyday struggles and problems in the form of a drug or miracle pill.  It seems as though these days there is a solution and answer for any type of symptom a person may have in the form of a drug.  This is misleading to say the least and very dangerous and irresponsible.  

We have all seen the commercials for sleep aids, promising to help an individuals fall asleep quickly and to stay asleep waking refreshed the next day. They advertise a breakthrough system of dual release -– the quick-release portion for rapid relief and then the time-released component for a full night's sleep. We've all seen these commercials, nothing surprising here. What should alert and concern the American public the most is that usually at the end of these commercials the narrator says, "Now you can sleep through the night without drugs."  These are contradictory statements and very misleading and should make the public skeptical of what these companies are selling and doctors are promoting and dispersing.

All of these campaigns are designed to make the consumer feel satisfied and content and make more money for pharmaceutical companies and give doctors kick backs and perks.  The consumers of this country need to beware and come to realize that the medical field is not looking out for an individual's best interest.  Their bottom line is generating money and what we are ending up with is a very sedated and drug induced zombie like state of a society.  We place our well being in the hands of "trusted medical experts" and allow them to reap huge financial rewards for prescribing us a pill for any type of symptom we may "think" we have.  We have been programmed through massive media advertising to accept this marketing ploy as "normal" and have been completely desensitized to what is really happening around us.  Wake up America!  A drug is a drug no matter how you rationalize or justify that this one or that one isn't.  Stop being a victim to this drug epidemic and take back control over your life before it is too late.

Rapid Drug Detox
Opiate addiction comes from a frightened thought of devastating withdrawals. Severe cramping and shaking, three weeks of vomiting — for addicts looking to kick the habit, enduring the body's painful response to withdrawal can be a major obstacle to getting clean. With severe withdrawal symptoms lasting up to several weeks, the chances of a patient returning to drug addiction are significantly increased.