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Rapid Drug Detox
Opiate addiction comes from a frightened thought of devastating withdrawals. Severe cramping and shaking, three weeks of vomiting — for addicts looking to kick the habit, enduring the body's painful response to withdrawal can be a major obstacle to getting clean. With severe withdrawal symptoms lasting up to several weeks, the chances of a patient returning to drug addiction are significantly increased.

Rapid drug detox is a drug treatment method that helps people break free from opiate dependence with a private drug detox procedure. Rapid drug detoxification involves infusion of intravenous medications that quickly remove the opioids from the opiate receptors in the body. These receptors are where all opioids attach, inducing the feeling of euphoria and pain relief.

Typically, you stay at the detox center for about four days. The first day is devoted to testing and appointments with the Rapid Drug Detox medical personnel. Day Two is the procedure itself. Once the procedure is complete and the anesthesia has worn off, you will return to the comfort and privacy of a nearby hotel room where you will sleep most of the third day. Day Four is the post-procedure consultation with the on-staff physician who will have followed your entire convalescence.

Naltrexone Implant is recommended as part of the aftercare program for rapid drug detox, as it helps to reduce your cravings. Naltrexone attaches to the now empty receptor to help with cravings and block any ingested opiate from attaching to the receptor. This implant will completely dissolve and disappear over 2 months depending on the size desired. Patients may return for the placement of another implant.

Although the rapid drug detox does not use what so called “not addictive opiates” to get rid of one’s addiction, such as methadone treatment for heroin addiction, they still use some kind of drugs the “helps” the withdrawals. It could be even more addictive than opiates. That’s why they give you the implant after you complete the detox in order to help your with your recovery.

The best opiate treatment program for an individual is the one that does not substitute drugs with more addictive drugs. There are programs available that take care of the withdrawal symptoms more natural way with vitamins and minerals. Some believe that going through the withdrawals makes them realize what damage they have done to themselves and it makes them not want to use drugs again.

After the individual can function like he was before the drug addiction, good programs do a thorough body detoxification program that gets the drugs out of the one’s system making that person craving free. Since the drug cravings is number one cause of relapse, people can get off drugs and stay off of them for the rest of their lives.