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10 Signs Someone Has an Addiction
Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction has sky rocketed over the last couple of years. Addiction doesn’t seem to show mercy to any certain age, race, or gender, which leaves it open to anybody who crosses its path. There are many families who are totally oblivious to addiction and what it can do to a person until it is sitting on their door step. There are many things to look out for when you think someone may have an addiction to drugs are alcohol. Here are ten signs to look out for if you suspect a friend or loved one is using.

1. Change in appearance - This is probably one of the more obvious signs of addiction. When a person starts to use drugs on an everyday basis, they begin to think less about themselves and more about the drug. This action results in poor hygiene and less maintenance to their appearance. Some drugs also cause a person to pick at their skin. This can cause gaping scabs all over their body. Using drugs can also cause rapid weight loss. You will start to notice their face sinking in and more bones visible to the eye.

2. Change in Behavior - This is also a very obvious sign of addiction. When you have known someone their whole life you know how they act and respond to certain things. After a person becomes addicted to drugs, this completely changes. A person who never showed up late for anything and then all the sudden they are late for everything, no matter how important the event. You will also notice, in adolescents, that their grades will start to drop and they may even drop out of school. This is a huge issue especially when it comes to the work place and getting a job. Nobody will hire someone they can’t depend on or that doesn’t have a high school diploma.

3. Isolation from Society - When a person starts to abuse drugs they become isolated from the rest of the world. Even though a person becomes completely involved with drugs, they still feel embarrassed around friends and family, when they are high. This persuades them to stay in their house or room, most of the time, and use their drugs. Being isolated keeps the user from being a part of important family events or fun with good, close friends.

4. Decrease in Responsibility - Responsibility is something that is definitely affected when a person becomes addicted to drugs. Being addicted to drugs means that a person will be completely consumed by them and their life will revolve around getting drugs and taking them. This also means that anything important that the user usually does is thrown out the window. This includes taking the children to soccer practice, hosting a birthday party for a friend, or making sure that bills that need to be paid get put in the mail.

5. Legal Trouble - Many users start using drugs and don’t think twice about it. Then, they go from just casually using; to they have to have it all the time. Drugs are illegal substances and when addiction sets in, the user will do anything to get their drugs whether it is illegal or not. This can result in legal trouble, which only adds up over time and length of use. It is also pretty obvious there is an addiction problem when the user has received several DUI’s or possession charges. This is serious as after a couple of times of receiving these charges, prison time could be in the near future.

6. Mental and Emotional Changes - Each drug is different on how it affects a person, but the outcome is still not good. Drugs tend to make a person have anxiety or depression, especially if without the drug for a period of time. Drugs can also make the user feel paranoid or like someone is out to get them. This is really because they are just high and it is affecting their brain in a non enjoyable way. Using drugs for a long period of time can also leave a person permanently unstable, usually because they have done a bad batch or just too much at one time.

7. Financial - A person’s financial status is usually very affected when it comes to drug use. When a person becomes addicted all they care about is their drugs. At this point they don’t care whether their bills get paid or even if they run out of money, they just want their drugs. Drug use can also get a person fired from their work, which leaves them jobless and can send them on to a huge drug binge. This can be bad, as they might spend all the money they have left, with no income coming in anymore.

8. Relationship Struggles - Drugs can tremendously affect relationships of the drug user, whether they are family or friends. When a person uses the drugs they isolate themselves and change their whole attitude towards life. For most drug users, their attitude changes for the worst and takes a toll on all relationships the user is in involved in. Family members will start to worry and friends will start to part because they don’t want to deal with someone who is high all the time.

9. Normal Routine - Drugs change everything about a person, including their normal routine. When someone who goes to work, pays their bills, and works out, ceases to do these things, this could mean definite drug use. Unfortunately, this could mean that their routine will change for the worst. They might start staying out all hours of the night, not eating, and staying in their room for hours. This routine is something that should be handled as soon as noticed.

10. Appearance of being High or Intoxicated - Drug use will make a person look different, especially when high or intoxicated. Some signs of this are:

•       Bloodshot eyes

•       Being lethargic

•       Dilated pupils

•       Stammering or mumbling

•       Hallucinating

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