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Help for Alcoholics

What is an alcoholic? An alcoholic is an individual's drinking interferes with their job, friends or family. An alcoholic is an individual who has an increased tolerance over time, requiring more and more alcohol to get drunk. An alcoholic is an individual who has a desire to stop drinking but is unsuccessful, even at just cutting down on the drinking. In other words, an alcoholic is defined as an individual who is addicted to alcohol and have a "drinking problem."

If any of these symptoms are recognizable in yourself or someone you know, it may be because you or your friend may be an alcoholic and may need alcoholics help. They may need to enter an alcoholic treatment center or they may need treatment of some sort. Only after there has been a reach for help, the individual is able to call themselves a recovering alcoholic.

The major consequence of alcoholism is death. When an individual drinks excessively, the chances increase of the person developing certain cancers, like cancers of the liver, throat or esophagus. A person with a heavy drinking problem can also lead to brain damage, immune system problems and cirrhosis of the liver. Other things to consider when a drinking problem is present, is the increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. In addition, homicides and suicides are more often likely to be committed when an individual has been drinking. Child abuse rises, wife battering increases and lives are destroyed by alcoholism.

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are not the same, as many people believe they are. Alcohol abuse does not include the loss of control due to drinking. Alcoholism includes a strong need and want for alcohol. People who are not alcoholic don't seem to understand the loss of self control or lack of willpower to stop drinking that an alcoholic has. The need for alcohol for an alcoholic can be as strong as the need for water or food. In most cases, an alcoholic needs help in stopping the addiction. Helpful actions include, treatment, rehab facilities and support.

Peer pressure is a huge reason people begin to drink in excess. It is easy to obtain and it is legal to purchase. These factors are just part of the problem in early stages of alcoholism. Once an individual begins to drink on a daily basis, their tolerance will eventually get higher and they will need more and more alcohol in their system to feel the desired effects. At some point, the body will begin to rely on the alcohol and the cravings begin. This is when help for alcoholics must come into play. It has been shown, again and again, that without help, the alcoholic has less chance of recovery.