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The Narconon® drug rehabilitation program addresses various aspects of addiction, with the result being that Approximately 70% of those graduating the Narconon program are drug-free two years later. This is in contrast to the 30% of more traditional programs.

An addict faces many hurdles on the road back from the insanity of addiction. So many, in fact, that most addicts become overwhelmed along the way and fall back into using.

Cravings, guilt and depression are the primary barriers that an addict encounters. These barriers are almost impossible to break free of, and cause him to remain in the enslavement of addiction.

L. Ron Hubbard investigated the causes of addiction for years, and out of that research came a program that finally breaks through the barriers of addiction allowing the person to fully recover and resume a normal life. This life-saving technology is nothing short of miraculous, yet founded completely on scientifically verifiable facts.

Review just a sampling of the thousands of research documents that validate the only workable solution to drug and alcohol addiction: The Narconon® Program.