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Narconon® Program Graduates Arrest Rate:

The arrest rates for Narconon program graduates following release were compared to the rates for a randomly selected group of parolees. The Narconon program group was composed of all graduates of the communication course who had been paroled. Of the 86 Narconon program parolees, 4 were not found and 2 were dead. Therefore the treated population consisted of 80 clients.

The control group was composed of the first 100 parolees released following the mean date for release of the Narconon program clients. Two were excluded as they had done part of the Narconon program and 11 were not found. The control group comprised 87 individuals.

Delaware Correctional Center: Parolees Not Arrested

Deleware Correctional Center: Parolees Not Arrested
Figure 1: Delaware Parolees not arrested after release.

70% of the Narconon program clients had no arrest during the follow up period, compared to 36% of the control population. (Figure 1)