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Further, the amount of training the Narconon program client had completed was positively correlated with successful rehabilitation. 84% of those clients who had done one or more courses beyond the communications course had no further arrest compared to 62% for those who had completed only the communications course. (Figure 1)

These findings support the concept that the Narconon program is effective in bringing about positive behavioral changes in the incarcerated population.

3. Evaluations of Narconon® Residential Programs:

Survey of Program Results

The Narconon program has been delivering services to non-incarcerated populations since 1972. Currently, the majority of the Narconon programs deliver drug rehabilitation services to the public in residential facilities. The main criteria tracked in surveys have been the number of clients off drugs, involvement with the criminal justice system, and employment status. The results of several surveys of Narconon program clients are shown in Table III.


Evaluations of the Narconon® Program, Delivered to Public Populations

Drug Use Arrests  
Location Group Number Before After Before After
Connecticut Clients 10 10 2   0
  Control* 10 10 8 5 3
West Berlin Clients 20 20 0 12 1
  Control 20 20 19 14 7
Drug Use


Location Group Number Before After Before After
Boston Clients 11 11 1 3 6
  Control 11 11 11 4 4

* Contacted the Narconon program, but did not start program.