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Evaluation of Recent Narconon® Program Graduates.:

Narconon program clients generally take from three to five months to complete the program, though some take significantly longer and a few have completed the program in two months. Each step is designed to address an area that virtually all substance abusers need to improve. The order of components is carefully laid out to utilize prior tools and prepare the student for the next step. The ideal situation is that every Narconon program client completes the full program.

Narconon International: Clients Treated/Program Graduates

Narconon International: Clients
Figure 3: Portion of clients completing the program. Figure shows
the total number of clients for the years 1998 through 1992 along
with the total number graduating from the program in these years.

The percentage of program completions is therefore an important measure of the success of this program. The number of clients completing the program internationally in 1990 was 789 (39% of starts), in 1991 was 1,019 (51% of starts) and in 1992 was 1,084 (56% of starts). (see Figure 3)