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2) In a study conducted in Spain, over 75% of graduates remained free of drugs. Whereas almost 90% had been actively involved with crime before the Narconon program, none were involved with crime afterwards.

The Narconon program is effective, both in reducing drug abuse and in improving the behavior of clients.

1. Introduction:

The Narconon organization is a public benefit, non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation that is committed to the elimination of substance abuse. Founded in 1966, Narconon centers have supplied drug rehabilitation treatment and education/prevention services for 28 years. The Narconon approach is based on techniques developed by author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard.

Each component of the Narconon program is designed to increase the abilities of the client. The initial program included courses and drills designed to increase the client's communication skills, study skills and orientation to the environment. Over the years the program has expanded to address additional needs of the substance abuser. The Narconon program now includes drug-free withdrawal, detoxification, and specific courses designed to increase the client's communication skills, study skills, orientation to the environment, understanding of moral principles, and preparation for work.