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Study of Narconon Program Clients at the Youth Training School in California

  Up to 5 months After 5 months
  (Pre Narconon program) (Post Narconon program)
Number of infractions (average)    
Narconon Program Clients 2.6 1.4
Controls 1.5 2.7
Trade School Grade (average)    
Narconon Program Clients C- B
Controls C C

Minnesota Reformatory: Narconon program clients at the State Reformatory for Men in Minnesota were evaluated by Posthumos and Snowden in 1978. The authors chose to evaluate the change in behavior of Narconon clients with time, considering the pre-treatment behavior pattern as the control for this population. These authors were also interested in monitoring objective measures of behavior. The measures available, which the institute monitored as part of its standard operation, included:

  1. Institutional rule infractions that the inmates were found guilty of,
  2. Days of lost privileges, and
  3. Days of segregation.