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The number of infractions were tabulated for the 6 months prior to treatment, the time during treatment and the 6 months after treatment with the Narconon program. These results are reported as the number of infractions per 100 inmates per 30 day period.

There was a marked reduction in all measures during treatment with the Narconon program (Table II). During treatment, guilty findings were reduced by 38%, days of lost privileges were reduced by 35%, and days of segregation were reduced by 53%.

During follow-up there was also an improvement in these measures, though less than that observed while on the program. Guilty findings were reduced by 40%, days of lost privileges by 15% and days of segregation by 28%. The decrease in guilty findings was statistically significant (p<0.01) during both treatment and follow up.


Results of the Narconon® Program in Minnesota
Compiled by Researchers at the State Reformatory for Men

Clients (36) Pre (6 mo.) During Post (6 mo.)
No. Guilty Findings* 48 30** 29**
Days Lost Privileges 274 177 232
Days Segregated 552 257 395

* all results are number per 100 inmates per 30 days.
** Statistically significant improvement (p <0.01)