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About Narconon

Narconon is a world-wide non-profit public benefit organization dedicated to eliminating drug abuse through prevention, education and rehabilitation.

The Narconon Network

The Narconon Network represents more than 100 drug prevention and rehabilitation centers in dozens of countries. Rehabilitation centers routinely produce graduates who demonstrate that they can live productive and drug-free lives. Narconon rehabilitation centers also educate hundreds of thousands of people each year with live presentations, and bring the truth to many more through video presentations and written materials.

The Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program

Every year the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program rehabilitates thousands of addicts at centers around the world. The unprecedented success of the Narconon program is based on the Drug Rehabilitation Technology developed by author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard. Hundreds of thousands of people have used this methodology successfully to overcome their need for alcohol and drugs and regain control their destiny.

The Narconon Drug Prevention and Education Program

The Narconon Drug Prevention and Education Program is dedicated to preventing drug use through educational programs presented to school children, parents and educators, offering training for peer leaders and professionals, and providing public information programs.

Narconon International

Narconon International is the international administrative and promotional coordinating office located in Hollywood, California. It was formed many years after the network of individual Narconon centers came into being. Its senior function is to provide managerial support and assure the highest level of technical and administrative excellence throughout the network.

The International office also spearheads drug education and prevention programs for hundreds of thousands of students and others throughout California.

Friends of Narconon International

Friends of Narconon International is a grass-roots group that produces and distributes drug education videos and curriculum, including The Truth About Drugs: What is it? and Marijuana: The Myth.

The Narconon International Science Advisory Board

The Narconon International Science Advisory Board has sponsored research, outcome studies, and international peer-review conferences on L. Ron Hubbard's sauna detoxification protocol, including conferences in Los Angeles in 1995, Stockholm in 1997, and Oklahoma in 2001.