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Drug rehabilitation is the process of getting an individual to quit using some sort of addictive substance.  Drug addiction usually ruins the life of the individual using the drug and it tears apart the families and friendships associated with the addiction.  As soon as drug addiction is spotted, the addict must seek treatment to prevent any further devastating effects of drug addiction.  Drug rehab centers can be effective in returning the addict to a sober and normal lifestyle.  When a person has lost all control over their addiction, rehabilitation must be obtained, whether it is voluntarily or through intervention.

There are many various types of drug rehab programs. Some are strictly religious based, and others use behavioral modification and therapy to get the individual off drugs.  There is no set way to get an addict off drugs.  The way that works for that person is obviously going to be the best way.  Although different rehabs work for different people, there are those programs which have a higher success rate than others.  Choosing the rehab that most effectively handles the full extent of the addiction, is very important if the recovering addict hopes to maintain their sobriety.

The first step of rehabilitation is the detoxification of the body from the drug which the individual previously abused.  This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months and will have varying symptoms associated with the withdrawal. There are different approaches to detox.  One approach takes on the application of medication to help ease withdrawal symptoms.  Another approach does not use drugs or medication during the program.  They rely on natural approaches, allowing the individual to be free from the hold of drug dependency.

After the individual finishes their detoxification from drugs, they will then move on with the rest of the rehabilitation process.  Some programs use psychological treatment to help find any emotional disorders surrounding the addiction.  Individuals should be given tools to cope with any emotional problems which may have caused them to self-medicate by way of drug abuse.  Behavioral methods should be used to help the individuals be able to confront their past problems and any issues that may arise in their future.

A lot of getting clean and sober off of drugs and alcohol depends on whether or not the person wants to stay clean, but a great amount depends on the type of rehab centers used to treat their addiction.  Certain rehab centers simply get the addict clean of the abused drug and send them back on the street, expecting them to be able to maintain their sobriety.  Addiction treatment takes time and effort.  Serious treatment means serious dedication.  The most effective rehabs have been found to be long-term, inpatient rehabilitation programs, which handles the full extent of the addiction.