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Addiction is a problem that many people face.  Addiction is a complex disorder characterized by compulsive drug or alcohol use.  People who are addicted feel an overwhelming, uncontrollable need for drugs or alcohol, even in the face of negative consequences. This self-destructive behavior can be hard to understand.  How does one know if a person needs alcohol or drug rehab?  How can one decide when enough is enough?  Of course this has to be a personal decision one has to make but it also can be influenced by family members or loved ones offering ultimatums.   

Some common symptoms and signs of drug or alcohol abuse can be neglecting your responsibilities, using drugs under dangerous conditions or taking risks while high or drunk. Drug use is getting you into legal trouble or causing problems in your relationships.  Some common signs of drug addiction may be having a built up tolerance, using drugs to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms, losing control over drug use, your life revolves around drug use, you have abandoned activities you used to enjoy and you continue using drugs despite knowing it’s hurting you.  If you have any or some of these signs or symptoms chances are you have a problem and should look into some type of rehab.

There are many different types of rehab available.  There is traditional 12 step rehab, non-traditional, short term and long term, in-patient and out patient, holistic approaches and a variety of a combination of sorts.  It all depends on the individual and what is going to be most effective and successful to them and the trained professionals advising them.  Usually if a person’s addiction was pretty severe and has been going on for a significant amount of time the person is going to require in patient long term rehab.  If a person’s addiction was short lived and only went on for a few months then one might be able to attend a short term rehab or out patient type of program.  Everyone is different and the most important thing we must keep in mind is that the person who has an addiction gets the actual help that they need.

Drug and alcohol addiction is destroying too many individuals and families and continues to escalate every year.  There is a high demand for quality rehab and the need is not being met.  Lawmakers and politicians have teamed up with privately run businesses to ensure that drug users are locked up instead of rehabilitated.  The majority of people incarcerated in today’s prison system are non-violent drug users.  There is something extremely wrong with our system and it obviously is not working.  People are making money off citizens being incarcerated for drug offenses and society is becoming more polluted and corrupt.  What we need is more effective and successful drug and alcohol rehab.

Cocaine Rehab
Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs known to man. Once a person starts taking the substance, it is almost impossible to become free of the dependence to it, physically and mentally. Cocaine use continues to increase due to the difficulty to escape from the first steps taken down the long dark road that leads to substance addiction. In the result of massive cocaine use, cocaine rehab centers have more business.