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An alcoholic treatment center is where anyone who is having problems controlling their drinking problem can come to get the help needed to get back to living sober. There are in-patient and out-patient treatment centers that offer a variety of help for those in need of help with an addiction to alcohol. An in-patient treatment facility is where the individual lives at the facility and is usually a long term treatment program, although some in-patient treatment programs are twenty eight day programs. There are, however, short term in-patient facilities. A long term treatment program usually is anywhere from sixty to ninety days, and may even be longer. A short term treatment program is generally five to seven days and consists mostly of a detox.

There are many goals in helping an individual get sober. One goal is education about the facts about alcoholism. Another goal is to teach the person that changes are needed in everyday lifestyle, and to help the person with these changes. Making someone aware of their alcohol abuse and their behavior and effect on their lives and the lives of those around them are key in helping someone overcome an addiction to alcohol. Alcohol abuse begins early in life for some. Statistics show that 13,000 children and teens take their first drink of alcohol each day. Health problems develop in thousands of college students each year, due to drinking alcohol. Many college students actually die from alcohol related injuries, motor vehicle accidents included.

When someone just drinks in moderation, at say, social activities, alcohol is not a problem. It is actually a pleasant experience. Moderation is considered one to two drinks a few times a week. When a person becomes dependent on the alcohol or find that they just can’t drink alcohol because of the problems that they encounter when drinking, then it is said that the individual has a drinking problem and is most likely alcoholic. A few of the characteristics of an alcoholic are: when an individual’s job, family or friends become affected, when there is a desire to stop drinking and the person finds that they can’t quit on their own, when larger amounts of alcohol are needed to reach the desired effect, and when a person finds that they experience withdrawal symptoms when they don’t have a drink. These symptoms are similar to the symptoms of the flu.

If you, in observing your friends or family members, see any of the above traits beginning or continuing for a period of time, it might be time to look into getting your loved one into an alcoholic treatment center for help. There are many different types of treatment and thousands of people available to help you or your loved one get back to living a healthy and productive life again.