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Heroin addiction is not only a mental addiction, but also a physical addiction. It is overwhelming in every way. The nightmares that go along with being addicted to heroin, are horrible. Just as horrible, is being connected with someone that is addicted to heroin, because you watch the person fall apart right in front of your eyes. If you have a heroin addiction or know someone that does, a heroin treatment center may be the answer to getting clean or helping someone you know get clean. There are many different facilities and philosophies on treatment methods for heroin addiction. There are 12 step programs, Christian programs, work study programs and many different alternative programs, to name a few. Whichever program you choose, there is help out there. Although you or your loved one may not look the same, due to daily heroin abuse, the person is still in there. Heroin is a highly addictive drug. The addiction begins almost immediately after someone starts using, even if just for the first time. The withdrawal symptoms can be felt when the drug is no longer in the body, even after just a few times using.

There are many health conditions that are associated with heroin abuse. Some of these health conditions are as follows: collapsed veins, spontaneous abortion, fatal overdoses, and when the drug is injected by the user, the increase of contracting HIV, AIDS or hepatitis becomes greater.

There are many slang or street names for heroin. These may include ‘smack’, ‘junk’, ‘H’ or it may be named after the region from which it comes, like Mexican black tar, or Afghani brown or China white. Whatever it is called, it is extremely dangerous to the user and can kill someone after just trying it one time. It is, by far, one of the hardest addictions to conquer and almost impossible to do alone. The reason being is because the ‘kick’ is so overwhelming and uncomfortable; it is easier just to get high again to make the pain go away, rather than suffering through the withdrawal symptoms.

As said earlier, a heroin addiction not only affects the individual who is using, it also affects the family and friends that are close to the addict. Many programs include some type of services for the family and friends of the addict, as well as the program that the addict will go through. Lives need not be ruined by a heroin addiction any longer. There is help. And this help can be found in a heroin treatment center. The path to learning to live life again, by the addict and the family and friends, isn’t always an easy path to go along, but it is a path worth taking.