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A drug addict is characterized as someone with a compulsive, almost uncontrollable need to use drugs, despite its negative and sometimes dangerous effects on its user.  When drug addiction has been spotted in an individual, the person must seek some sort of rehabilitation. Finding the most effective treatment is one of the most important decisions an addict will ever make because their future depends on what the rehab does for them. Will the rehab give the addict the tools they need to return to a normal productive lifestyle?  An addict must find a rehab that not only handles the addiction but also handle any issues surrounding the addiction.  A holistic treatment center takes on the full extent of the addiction without taking into use substitute medications or any other drugs. During withdrawal at a holistic drug treatment, the recovering addict does not use medication to detox from drugs.  Medication is only used in extreme cases where the medication is detrimental to the individual’s health.  A holistic treatment center believes that by not giving the individual substitute medications to detox from drugs, they are not allowing them a chance to become dependent on a new drug. During a drug free withdrawal, various methods are taken into play to minimize the pains and discomfort associated with withdrawal.  Individuals in detox will be under 24 hour surveillance, insuring safety and comfort during withdrawal. A withdrawal specialist will work with an individual, freeing them from some of the anxiety and depression.  The individual will receive a regimen of vitamins and other supplements which will help replenish any nutritional deficiencies brought about by prolonged drug use. Other nutritional supplements are given to relieve some of the pain and discomfort that occurs during detox. The withdrawal specialist will work in massage like therapies which help realign the body’s nerves and relive muscle aches and pains.  When run the correct way, a drug free withdrawal will be virtually pain free.  A drug free withdrawal allows an individual to free themselves from any sort of dependency to drugs or alcohol.

After detox, the recovering addict will move on to the rest of the rehabilitation process. A person must learn how to handle and control their addiction, so they can move on with a fulfilling life free from the grip of drug addiction.   A holistic treatment center will handle not only the addiction but also the issues surrounding the addiction.  Behavioral treatment is used which gives the individual the tools they need to confront and handle any issues that can come up on a day to day basis.  Some holistic treatment centers use saunas to remove any drug toxins being stored in the body.  A holistic approach is a very effective method at not only getting an addict off of drugs but allowing them to maintain their sobriety.