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Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive stimulant, which can tear an addict life and body apart.  On meth, individuals are stimulated to stay up for days which break down the body nutrient, causing increased aging and nutrient deficiency.  Meth also creates an imbalance of dopamine in the brain.  Addicts are unable to feel happiness without meth after prolonged abuse.  When meth addiction is spotted, finding a meth treatment center which handles the full extent of the addiction is extremely important for the future and the happiness of the addict. Meth addiction is characterized by three key symptoms including. First, the addict will have lost all control over the drug and may be extremely difficult for them to decide to stop.  Second, the use of meth will have noticeable problems on the user’s day to day life.  The will lose interest in activities or hobbies which before stimulated them.  They may lose their job and have financial problems.  Friends and family will fall to the side.  Third, a meth addict will feel strong, uncontrollable cravings, requiring them to be high all the time.  When these symptoms of addiction are present, the addict must find some sort of rehabilitation to prevent any further destruction.  

Rehabilitation from drug addiction takes an extended period of time. After about a month of sobriety, meth addicts will start going through physiological changes, which can lead the addict back to meth abuse. Addicts will need a long term treatment center which can handle the depression and other symptoms of meth addiction which can occur long after withdrawal.  They will need behavioral treatment which gives them the tools to handle any problems associated with their addiction.  With these tools learned in behavioral treatment, they can confront their past problems and handle any issues which may arise in their daily life.  Meth addicts can return to a normal and productive life.  Continual support from family and friends will help the recovering addict maintain their sobriety and stay positive towards their recovery.  

Without treatment, meth can have devastating effects on the individual abusing the drug.   Meth can cause irreversible damage to blood vessels of the heart and brain.  This damage can lead to heart attacks, stroke, and death.  Someone abusing meth will look malnourished and significantly older than their actual age.  Meth can even cause psychosis in its users.  The addict is likely to develop a strong psychological dependence to the drug, and severe depression will surely occur.  Because of all these horrible long term effects caused by meth abuse, any person abusing meth must find help.  Finding a meth treatment center which handles the full extent of a person addiction could mean the difference between a life of misery and a life of happiness.