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Suboxone Treatment
Opiate addiction has been around since the 1950’s. It has been a big problem in the United States up until today. They tried many different “solutions” such as morphine, heroin, and methadone, but one drug was more addictive than another. Suboxone treatment is another method of treating opiate addictions and dependence. The main purpose of the suboxone treatment is to prevent withdrawals symptoms from occurring in an individual, by stimulating the opiate receptors in the brain. Suboxone has a greater attraction to the opiate receptors than other drugs such as heroin and methadone, which reduces or removes the desire to take such drugs. Suboxone is a long-acting opiate similar to codeine, heroin and morphine. Suboxone falls under the treatment class categories of analgesics, central nervous system agents, narcotic addiction or analgesics symptoms and prevention of opiate drug abuse. Suboxone is generally preferred by doctors for patients who are using this type of medication for the first time. With the naloxone present, suboxone is one of the most addictive opiates. So instead of getting rid of the opiate addiction, an individual becomes even more addicted to substance called suboxone. Suboxone can cause drug dependence. This means that withdrawal symptoms may occur if you stop using this medication too quickly. Withdrawal symptoms may also occur at the start of treatment due to dependence on another drug. Suboxone is not for occasional ("as needed") use.

The best way to get off opiates is to turn to a drug rehab treatment that does not substitute drugs with other addictive medicine. There are treatments out there that use natural vitamins and minerals to get people off the suboxone and restore one’s body to its normal condition.

The best treatment for you loved one would be a drug free long-term inpatient treatment.
Since the most devastating fact about quitting using opiates is the scary withdrawals, you need to find a treatment center that will give you a 24 hour care. By having people that actually care and understand what you or your loved one is going through makes it easy to concentrate on the road to recovery.

The number one reason people relapse on heroin or other opiates is because suboxone does not get the drugs and the toxins out of the body which creates a strong craving. Most drugs store in an individual’s fatty tissue for several years. Anything that causes fat to burn such as stress, exercise, and even a fight with the parents, will release the chemicals back into the individual’s blood stream giving him a little taste of the drug again. The most successful treatments use a thorough body detoxification programs to completely clean the person’s body from drugs. With no more toxins in the system people become craving free which makes the chances of getting a relapse pretty slim.