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Substance Abuse Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic illness where a person is physically and mentally dependent on a substance.  This is accompanied with intense cravings, and an uncontrollable desire to seek out and use the abused substance.  Substance abuse is the first sign of addiction.  Whether the substance be alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth, or pills, when abuse is spotted, addiction is likely to be occurring in that person’s life.    Substance abuse is the use of illicit drugs or the use of medication for a purpose other than it is indicated or in a quantity more than it is intended. 

When a person begins abusing a substance, their life will begin to fall apart around them and their addiction.  Their friends and family will suffer.  They may lose their job and wind up with financial troubles.  Criminal activity will likely occur, leading to a criminal record or even jail time.  Although a person’s life may be falling down around them, they will continue to seek out and use their substance of choice.  They may not even see or realize that they have a problem.  Help must be sought out for a person with an addiction to prevent any further destruction and return them to a normal, productive life.  There are many signs that a person may need substance abuse treatment, but choosing the most effective treatment program, may be the difference between prolonged sobriety and relapse.

Substance abuse is a short term escape with many long term consequences.  A person having some sort of problem will abuse drugs or alcohol in an attempt to self medicate.  In an attempt to self medicate themselves, an individual will only cause more problems for themselves.  They are only masking the underlying problem, allowing it to fester and become worse.

Some individuals are more vulnerable to serious addiction from any sort of substance abuse. People with a family history of addiction will be more susceptible to drug addiction.  The earlier a person uses drug the more likely they will become addicted.  Individuals will try to self medicate certain mental disorders such as anxiety or depression, causing an addiction.  Childhood abuse will definitely make someone more vulnerable to drug addiction.

Common signs of substance abuse include: an individual neglecting their responsibilities, problems with relationships, and legal trouble as a result of drug use.  As soon as a substance abuse problem is found, help should be sought out for the individual.  Most substance abusers believe that they can quit without treatment, but in most cases, substance abuse treatment is the only way to find sobriety.  A long term treatment center which handles the full extent of the addiction can be effective at preventing relapse and freeing an addict from the harmful act of substance abuse.