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Drug Rehab Centers
There are thousands of drug rehab centers across America today servicing all those who have become addicted to drugs. Drug addiction is epidemic across not only America but the world today affecting all classes and all cultures. Different geographic areas have different favored abused drugs in their area mainly due to accessibility of getting and distributing them. In some areas heroin is the most highly abused drug while in another area it might be cocaine or methamphetamine. Regardless of where the person addicted lives or what drug they are addicted to, choosing the correct drug rehab center for the individual is of the utmost importance.
First and foremost to consider when choosing a drug rehab is if the individual can succeed with an outpatient program or if they need the structured environment of an inpatient drug rehab. For a person who does not have a long history of addiction, 1-2 years, outpatient drug rehab can be successful while those who have a long history of cleaning up and then relapsing, their best chance at success is an inpatient drug rehab.

Outpatient drug rehab is treatment that does not require an overnight stay in a hospital or medical facility or a drug rehab facility. Outpatient drug rehab care may be administered in the medical facility or drug rehab facility, but most commonly, it is provided in a medical office or a specified location having meetings for people with a specific addiction. Outpatient care can consists of one-on- one therapy with a counselor, group meetings with a counselor or attending one of the Twelve Steps programs.

Inpatient care, as defined by the Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, is a hospital patient who occupies a bed for at least one night in the course of treatment, examination, or observation. For inpatient drug rehab, the time of stay varies. There is 30 day, 60 day, 90 day and extended stay programs. The benefits of inpatient treatment are that if the person starts having drug cravings there are no available drugs in the facility, the staff at the facility will know exactly what to do to get the person through their cravings and last but not least, once checked in they will not be able to “just leave”. Once checked into an inpatient rehab it usually takes the approval of the person paying for the program to okay the person getting treatment to leave.

Whether the person is going to an inpatient or outpatient facility there are many programs to choose from today. Drug rehab centers today offer Twelve Steps programs, alternative programs, holistic programs, drug replacement therapy programs and “no drugs” program. Find the type of facility which meets the requirements for the person looking for help. One type of program the drug rehab centers offer might work for one person yet not be successful for another. Don’t give up hope. The right program is out there for the individual, it just needs to be found.

Long Term Drug Rehab Centers
Drugs and alcohol can take a person's life and flip it upside down. It touches all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and classes. It doesn't matter if a person comes from the projects and has practically nothing, or if they come from an affluent family and can buy anything they want and are granted every opportunity.